Hell's Reach

Technology: 1

Environment: -2

Resources: 1


Slipknot Connections

Hell’s Reach is a Technocracy ruled by a corporate counsel. Votes are corporate shares and they do not play nice. Corporate “Citizens” fall in to various catagorys a good portion of them are little more than slaves working off an indentured contract for most of their lives and maybe some of their childrens. This is not too say their isn’t money to be made and it is quite possible to get out of mounting corporate debt but its rare. Their are many stories of ordinary corporate citizens making enough shares to actually make a difference becoming made men them selves. Many companies wage their wars that would make Wallmart look like saints. There are little to no rights of a citizen except the right to own stock and use that to vote. Each Corporation can rule its employee/Citizens in any way they see fit. Corporate defections or out right pilfering of star employees have started wars that would frighten the most warlike of nations but on the same front wars are short (they aren’t profitable) Many decisions to wage war or peace are directly related to the bottom line. Wars will be fought till it is determined its not profitable to do so.

Being the soul entry point in Pronos, new sky and Delphi-Penti they use this to control those systems and consider them their systems they do not like people interfearing with their business there.

Hell's Reach

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