Airoframe Starship


Vshift 4
Beam 2
Torp 2 (torpedo system has been stripped but the mount is still here)
EW 1
Trade 3 (2) looks as it mounted a drone system

Data OOO

Atmosphere Capable
Skeleton Crew
Automated Defense vs torpedo’s

Modular Design
No Original Parts
out of Ammo


Physical Description

Ships Hull is a basic lifting body While the description could give it a somewhat oval with a fat end with a bridge/Crew section in the front.

It has 2 rear and 2 small wiglets in the front. Rear wings double for a sensor arm where the upper surface opens up and folds out to increase the sensor coverage. Both wings Fold up for re-entry giving a bit of extra drag. For space the wings will be unlocked from the frame and can be rotated forward to give the sensors forward coverage. front Wiglets also have similar features

Center of the Rear Hull has a tunnel cargo bay with launch arms for drones. There are 3 doors 2 side for drone/launch and cargo load/unloading. There also is a top cargo door which are used for large cargo modules it can also be used to load/unload modules for rapid equipment changes.

the heat sink arms are stowed during atmospheric entry and during space flight open and extend from the mid section of the ship.

one of the major problems with airoframe ships being used for space and for landing in an atmosphere are changes in gravity vs space flight. The Decks and crew areas needed to be able to be used with a “Down” Direction Facing the Rear of the ship and towards the bottom of the ship. where gravity is pulling the crew down/and space flight “Down” is towards the engines during 1G thrust to and from the slipknot. The Designers solved this problem by the main crew sections are large cylinders and can be mechanically rotated 90 Degrees. These also double for emergency safe zones in case of hull breach where loss of atmosphere is a possibility’s. The Final use of the Cylinders is escape pods that can be jettisoned in a catastrophic damage. the outer Hull sections will be explosively jettisoned followed by the launch of the crew modules.

The Major Weakness of the design from a technical perspective is the ship can be somewhat blind on the underside of the ship. The principle consideration in the design has to consider the Heat shield. While the Sensor arms can face in almost any direction. the telescope and any optical target identification sensors have a restricted view that would not be present on space craft designed specifically for space.

Also the ship can not land on a planet with no atmosphere as the aeroframe would be useless. The Ships Manual recommends when this is a possibility to mount an interface vehicle for landing on such planets. It could and can lower its orbit and go tail first to get fairly close to the surface. The Drive was not designed for this the ship would get increasingly more unstable as gravity increases possibly ending with a critical failure and crash resulting in a likely destruction of crippling of the ship.

The ship is by no means a fighter in the atmosphere either its frame was designed principly for lift and not maneuvers it could be described as a flying tub needing fairly wide turns. During landing the main endings can have their thrust directed downward via an innovative shield system and several well placed landing thrusters. This allows VSTOL (very short take off and landings) to be made. The same landing thrusters can be used to allow for short takeoffs as well. Its also capable of making a water landing which is its preferred landing zone for easy refueling.


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