New Skye Honor Blade


weapon (melee)

Penetration 1
Harm 1
Range 0

Military unless from New Skye


The New Skye Honor Blade is most similar to the ancient katar of India. It has a number of significant differences, however. First, there are three forward blades. The center, or main blade, is a broad spike, 18-24 inches long, and edged for the last 6 inches. The two outer blades are intended as sword-breakers. Additionally, it has two braces extending the length of the forearm, with a bracer arcing over the top, and an edge extending the length of the outside brace. The arm-edge is larger nearest the wrist, and smallest nearest the elbow.

On New Skye, which is still transitioning from bladed weapons, the bracer allows the honor-blade to block blows. In areas of more modern combat techniques (i.e. everywhere else) this no longer holds true.

Note that a true Honor Blade is made of high-test bronze, not steel, and it is incapable of penetrating metal armor from T1 (or higher) cultures. It can still pierce a pressure suit, though.

New Skye Honor Blade

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