Seamus McClaran

Engineer; John's Character



Rank 5Engineering
Rank 4RepairComputer
Rank 3ResolveStaminaMicro G
Rank 2BrawlingAssetsEVACharm
Rank 1BrokerageClose CombatBureaucracyScienceVehicle


  • I Can Get By Anywhere
    Swap Charm for Culture/Tech
  • Military Grade Engineer
  • Listen To Me!
    Allies use Engineering at 3; Ally or Self must be in EVA


The Stars Are My DestinationIndependent
Machines Talk To MeStill Looking For That Girl
VengefulWomen Are A Weakness
I’m The Engineer, Dammit!Pack Rat

Health: 5

Composure: 5

Wealth: 4


  • (Brawling) New Skye Honor Blade [Push Knife;Pen 1, Harm 1]
  • (Computer) Hand Computer
  • (EVA) Pressure Suit
  • (Micro G) Velcro Shoes
  • (Engineering) Iron Ring, Toolkit, Workshop
  • (Stamina) Running Shoes, Track Suit


  • Birth System: New Skye
  • Backstory Personages: Ren Morbo, Jason Star, Karla Stainer


Growing up on New Skye, Seamus McClaran was the son of the local Garda Head. He was taught honor, and how to protect. He was also very adventurous, and often sneaked away to listen to the starmen’s tales when they came to visit New Portree.
Honorable, Adventurous

Every adolescent questions and rebels. Especially when they’ve had a strict upbringing and want to see the rest of the universe. Seamus ran away on a starman’s ship to become a pilot.
The Stars Are My Destination, Independent

In every life disappointment comes; for Seamus it was discovering he didn’t have the reflexes to become a pilot. Despondent, and cut off from his family, Seamus spent the next few years travelling from station to station in Hell’s Reach, performing odd jobs and repair work. He also discovered he had a genius for engineering; sometimes it seemed almost like the machines told him their problems. Eventually, he managed to secure enough credits and a sponsor and he entered Hell’s Reach Academy to become a ship’s engineer and go to the stars. But the Academy is not a place for relaxation; nose to the grindstone and all work and no play meant he graduated tops in Engineering (if not overall) and sought after by some of the big Pilgrim’s Point shipping lines, but also incredibly stressed. Seamus’ graduation bar hop was … memorable. He’s still not sure which bar fight he met Ren Morbo in, but Seamus knows that by the end they were fighting and drinking together. He also vaguely remembers something about this absolutely unbelievable girl, but she wasn’t there at the end.
Machines Talk To Me, Still Looking For That Girl

Seamus was working an Eridani-4 Cargo Courier, which had a stopover in Omega Insula. He was visting Omega Insula downland for a bit of nostalgic relaxation. A pleasant night, a good meal, a good girl, a nice walk (with said girl), and … explosions? Seamus’ girl was run over, violently shoved to the ground by this large, unwashed man who was firing an automatic shotgun back into the crowd. Without a thought, Seamus charged vengefully after the assailant, dodging the shots from in front, and ignoring the other shots coming from behind him. Until the moment when one of those shots from behind pierced his right ass cheek and emerged out the front of his right thigh. Crippled and helpless, he watched as someone, the assailant’s original pursuer, brought the unwashed man to justice. While recovering in the hospital, he found out that his avenger was Jason Star. He also lost the girl when she discovered how much the nurses were helping him recover.
Vengeful, Women Are A Weakness

The life of a professional ship’s engineer is still satisfying; Seamus has served on ships from every system that can build them, and he’s still discovering new sights, new ports, new experiences, and new women. His career has had its ups and downs, but he’s still one of the best engineers out here. Maybe one day, he’ll find that special girl and settle down, but for now, the stars still call.
I’m The Engineer, Dammit!, Pack Rat

Seamus McClaran

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