Karla Steiner

Mechanical wizard meets interstellar jarhead with an attitude...


Home world:Pronos Prime

What can I said about Pronos Prime… Well visit the center of the universe and never notice you are standing there.

My platoon sergeant described Pronos Prime with a nice descriptive phrase… "remember what you have for chow last Tuesday for lunch ? Well… when you do you will remember this rock.

There is nothing wrong with my home system. Some of the systems have planets have some amazing technology, desolate barren landscape or absolutely stunning rich worlds in the system… Pronos is just the plain vanilla.

If cannot be fixed with a 5 lb mallet… there is always the 10 lb Ball-peen hammer

I am also a surgeon of sort… I am more than happy to show you how I can practice open hearth surgery with you using a wooden spoon if you continue what you are doing or hurt any of my boys.


The lieutenant may look like the girl next door you fall in love with, deep green eyes, 5’2, fire redish long hair, a lean cat-like body and relative shyness you may be tempted to ad her to your rooster of conquest… I advise you against this idea unless you like to juggle with chain saws and nitroglycerine bottles… This girl is the product of growing up surrounded with riches from a family of university intellectual pacifist, reason I venture she joined the Marines. In few words in Karla you can see how a book worm and a top Marine officer can live in the same small package.

I seen this girl quote from memory the darkest passages of Trebor Boyce Skidmore “The Return of the Innocence” while beating the living crap of a 7’ 350lb miner corporate bodyguard while the girl he work with tried to shanghai a drunk engineer, and Karla was drunk. She had another softer side, I seeing her fixing one of our bullpup slug throwers with a hair pin, fixing leaks on a transport with foil, glue and hairspray even one time I saw her soft whispering to an engine of a Banshee before hitting the main manifold with a 5 lb mallet fixing the ungodly vibrations and noise of the engine… this girl is some sort of repair whisperer.

I still recall the day of her downfall. We were order to set up barricades on the old Colonial park leading to the confederation congress. The demonstrators mainly children, woman and few priests were moving along singing and holding candles for the miners of Pronos Prime dead in the mine accident in the belt. All the sudden the Major order the troops to load and prepare to fire when Karla give me the order to stand down and proceed to beat the living crap out of the Major all in front of the cameras of the media and a roaring cheer from the entire troops.

I am sure if it wasn’t for the priest that pull the girl out of the bloodied Major she would have kill the bastard. The hell broke loose at this point… 6 months of depth media coverage and a court martial she was out of the Pronos armed forces. While she was in the brig the boys and I decided to stop by to cheer her up. The master at arms told me that Karla wanted to be found guilty and did not wanted any legal help provided by the Corp. Then in the hallway, to my surprise I found the priest that pried out Karla from the top of the mayor the day of the incident talking with the brass arranging for the legal defense of her case, I am guessing here she did not know that the defense was arranged and paid when she had her court day. Well… the gods works in mysterious ways.

I lost track of the lieutenant for 7 years… then out of the woodworks when I was providing some protection for the underground she showed up. I discovered that she has being instrumental in securing some of the medical supplies needed for the poor families in the outskirts of Morgance. That day she show up with a new shipment of antiviral medicine and a stray. Apparently she picked up this stray “doctor” after a mess he was involved… She as usual did not give me any details but the guy look shake after a few words with the Lieutenant. For some reason the guy was mumbling something about a wooden spoon after that.

Written by Pronos Marines Gunnery Sargent(Ret) Matthew Clere.

Karla Steiner

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