Diaspora: Shattered Memories

New Ship new Crew

Purchased a new ship from Monty an old Mothballed Aeroframe Ship. Looks like it once was state of the Art but it has seen better days. Much of its components were stripped off of it leaving stripped electronics.

Faded name on the side of the Hull lists her as Starchilde

Vshift 4
Beam 2
Torp 2 (torpedo system has been stripped but the mount is still here)
EW 1
Trade 3 (2) looks as it mounted a drone system

Data OOO

Atmosphere Capable
Skeleton Crew
Automated Defense vs torpedo’s

Modular Design
No Original Parts
out of Ammo

Shake Down Cruise Part 1
Passed inspection drive is functioning within normal parameters. The engineers did a good job getting this old bird in the air.

Shakedown Cruise Part 2 to commence shortly
a flight to the slipknot and attempt a zero entry slipknot hook.

  • gm note **
    I wanted to give you a ship that you could grow into something that has seen better days. It’s a T3 ship in frame but with all the equipment stripped its point value is less than a standard t2 ship. But it could be grown into. Also note it’s not “civilian” some of the equipment will need the right skill stunts.

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